Monday, June 14, 2010

Truth, Beauty & Other Random Musings

Sometimes, random thoughts connect and inspire better than well-planned essays or strict themes. Last night I let my mind wander through various subjects and recorded what surfaced. If you see a common thread, let me know.

Peace is not something you achieve. It's what you are.

In this matter of reality vs. illusion, everything is spacious consciousness, without exception.

In the matter of Truth vs. Untruth, everything is that which cannot be described.

Beauty is beyond the eye of the beholder in the silent harmony integrating all things.

Encompassing beauty and ugliness is a sublime stillness nurturing all things.

Deciphering all codes, unlocking all doors, Mind arrives at one thing: Silence.

Stillness does not erase duality. It transforms duality from division & conflict into the dynamic harmony of opposites.

Each gesture you make to transform the world infuses it with consciousness and energy.

All great transformers looked through preconceived ideas, saw what was being born & became co-creators with life.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to let your ego's dreams become transparent to Life's dreams.

Today, as everyday for thousands of years, carpenters, stone carvers, masons, painters and others are translating dreams into material form.

Monet's brilliance was not painting water lilies in a prettier way. It was rediscovering the soul of water lilies & painting what he saw.

Imagine the moment Cezanne saw the essence of a bowl of apples, gave into that vision and transformed the way we see the world.

Shadows are withheld light. Our work is to release the light that has condensed into darkness.

Life is beautiful as it is. This is beyond Mind's ability to comprehend & heart's ability to embrace. Yet this mystery is food of the soul.

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