Monday, June 7, 2010

Sacred Space: The Womb of Creation

As much as we desire food and clothing, we seek sacred space. We may look for it in the cavern of a vast cathedral or the human scale of a bench under a tree. Yet, physical settings are merely portals to intimate encounters with something vividly real and mysteriously elusive. Here are a few sutras on sacred space that attempt to frame this wordless realm with words.

Sacred space is the stillness embracing you now.

Sacred space is the gap between two breaths.

Sacred space is the opening of each doorway you pass through.

Sacred space is the opening between hope and fear.

Sacred space is a spiral simultaneously expanding inward and outward.

Sacred space offers sanctuary to all forces and beings in creation.

Sacred space is a stillness containing all wisdom.

Sacred space is compassion.

Sacred space hovers between shadow and light, sound and silence.

Sacred space is points beyond itself to the indescribable.

Sacred space is the womb of creation.

Sacred space, moving within itself, sparks the passion of creation.

Within sacred space, life discovers its possibilities.

Sacred space is revealed where nature touches imagination.

Sacred space is found where human desire engages the desires of stones.

Sacred space ignites spirit in matter.

Sacred space is the arc of the heart intersecting the line of the mind.

Sacred space is grace.

Sacred space is the simplest of structures and an endless realm of exploration.

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