Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Real Secret: Silence

Last night, tired and alone, Life pressed me into silence. It looked like it was going to be a dismal evening when I slipped into a calm acceptance of the situation. Then I reconnected with the unseen power of silence. With a little some reflections from my Twitter friends Linda Hollier and SnowandStars the following silent sutras floated through my awareness.

• Sometimes, a lifetime of wisdom, experience and inspiraion becomes meaningless and silence says everything.

• There is no physical silence. In an isolation chamber you will hear the blood circulating in your ears. The only true silence is in that which is aware of your thoughts, words and actions.

• Silence is always present in the spaciousness surrounding your thoughts.

• Your can always find silence in the space within your chest.

• Since silence is always present, it is not the goal of spiritual practices. Silence is the groundless ground from which all practices and creations arise.

• Silence is the womb through which everything comes into being.

• Galaxies, planets, mountains, forests, oceans, cities, bodies, thoughts and everything else all reside in silence.

• We use words to communicate, but it is silence that we truly share.

• Silence, our essential nature, is so alive and vibrant Mind cannot comprehend it.

• Across shooting stars and light years of space/time, silence already and always connects.

• Mind, encountering silence, sees its insignificance and conjures universes to obscure the intensity of silence's shimmering song.

• In the community of silence, saying nothing communicates volumes.

• In the radiant freshness of the thousand petalled lotus, all creation gathers to offer a seat for silence

• Bells ring, flutes sing, guitars wail, drums beat by vibrating silence into sound.

Mind sees silence as its greatest threat when it is everything Mind seeks.

True love is silence embracing and caressing all that is as it is.

From the "empty" space within a seed grows the whole tree.

Notice the simplest particle you can imagine—an atom, a leaf, a drop of water, a dust mote in the morning sun—and see a silent miracle.

Yes,and love is made of silence. Touching silence we touch love

Silence is the primal substance from which all forms are crafted.

Space and time have no dimensions without gaps of silence.

The architecture of the universe would be a black whole without dwelling spaces of silence.

Sound is silence shimmering through Mind.

Color is silence shimmering through eyes.

Texture is silence shimmering though fingertips.

Noise is Mind's resistance to silence.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night, taking these broken wings & learn to fly. You were only waiting for this moment to arrive. Paul McCartney

The great surprise: our wounds are openings through which genuine love, wisdom and creativity enter our lives.

When life humbles us into silence, it's not so we become small. It's so the small ego transparent and silent, so the vast power and wisdom of life can pour thru.


  1. Lovely meditation on silence, Anthony. I, too, experienced an evening of deep silence, as I was staying in a home w/out internet or phone last first I was antsy and turned on the music but later I let the silence of the night enfold me like a deep, dark was delicious and nourishing. Silence and emptiness really are the source of everything! So easy to forget this in our action packed lives!

  2. So true! And beautifully said, thank you for sharing.

  3. I mentioned before that your lines of silence posted earlier on Twitter stayed with me as I went about the day. Now as I read your words all together, I am broken open, and move into the sacred space you have created. I am moved in a deep feeling place as you explore the Nameless, and share this with a simple authenticity. You have so very beautifully and tangibly connected us with what we Know and "forget". My gratitude to you-as-the-expression-of-the Divine is vibrating and shimmering in that silence.

  4. Thank you Holly, Claudia and Sandilee for your beautiful comments. It's a blessing to meet you in the sacred space of silence where we are always connected, always ourselves and always free.

  5. Beautiful post, Tony. Your creativity flows when left to explore in silence.