Monday, June 14, 2010

Peace: Here & Now

Within the chaos and conflict of the world, we long for peace. Often, peace is defined as some sort of compromise, some sort of restraint of natural impulses. This brand of peace is actually repression and repression breads anger and conflict and you know the rest. I've found that peace is not about comprise or repression. It's not about following rules of conduct. Here are a few thoughts about a different sort of peace, a natural one that is already here within reach.

Peace is lively stillness.

Peace is delighting in the co-existence of opposites.

Peace is seeing thoughts, words and actions as currents within the stillness you are.

Peace is experiencing birth and death as waves within stillness.

Peace is entering the silent gap within conflict and finding aliveness.

Peace is laughing about others being in conflict with what you say.

Peace is engaging Mind's role as definer of characters in the play of Life performed on the stage of silence.

Peace is honoring your role in the world play, whatever it is.

Peace is not something you achieve. It's what you are.

What is your experience of genuine peace?


  1. Hope you don't mind but I'm posting some of these on my fb status this week - with attribution of course! Just want to say how much I enjoy your writing and vision.

  2. As always...moved in body, mind, heart and soul. These are wonderful, and perhaps I'll follow in Linda's shoes and post these from time to time on fb and/or twitter.

    In answer to your question, my experiences of genuine peace include:

    ...when my heartbeat is in sync with drumbeat is in sync with earthbeat, the rhythm of all that is. infant's head resting in the hollow of my neck, the baby's breath brushing against my skin and body warmth melding with mine, our chests rising and falling in their own singular harmony.

    ...gardening, writing, mosaics, reading - the activities during which I lose all sense of time and space.

    ...losing myself in the dancing flames of a crackling fire.

    ...ocean rhythm, moon beams and sun rays, shapeshifting clouds performing for sky.

    ...remembrances of my ancestors' LovingKind ways.