Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Co-Creating with Earth

The other day, a friend pleaded with us to develop sustainable energy systems. Since Earth has been researching and developing such things for billions of years, I realized the best way to create sustainable energy systems is to learn from Her explorations and become co-creators with Her. The following thoughts came to mind.

The first step in building renewable energy systems is to get beyond human-centered mind & participate as co-creators with Earth.

The second step in building renewable energy systems is to live as nature lives, in a fluid system that makes dissolution integral to renewal.

To become a co-creator with Earth, spend time with Her, dialoguing with trees and streams, wind and rain. Listen beyond human ears with soul ears.

To co-create with Earth, let go of guilt about dwelling here. Open to silence and listen for your personal connection to dwelling wisely with land, air, plants and animals.

To co-create with Earth experience each building and object as the alchemy of nature and imagination. Then re-imagine your relationship with nature.

To co-create sustainable energy systems, notice that nature does not conserve energy. She guides its flow into continuously renewing loops.

To co-create with nature, let go of distractions. In this moment, open to Earth as the shimmering, dancing, alive being She is. Enter the dance

To co-create with Earth, become aware that we, animals plants & "inanimate" objects are expressions of soul interacting with itself. Let that awareness permeate your being. From that awareness of being act.

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