Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Courage to Live Your One True Life

Most of us a sense a true life breathing within the masks we employ to get by in the world. We sense an elusive force urging and guiding us toward what makes us spark with creativity and compassion. Yet, we often run from this call of the soul. Instead, we contract into what is "safe" and "prudent." We trade the fire of the gods for the predictable paycheck of mechanical routine. Opening the door of our self-created cell and walking into the true life that has been calling us takes courage. But the fearful mind can forget what real courage is. Here are a few thoughts about what that courage might be.

Courage is seeing that the "safety" of Conventional Mind is suffocating you and walking out the door into Life.

Courage is realizing you have been running from your One True Life for decades and turning to face it.

Courage is hearing the call of your soul and following it, even though the way is obscured.

Courage is moving toward your elusive dream even though you are unsure the universe will support you.

Courage is knowing that your personal dream may mean nothing to others, but pursuing it means everything to you.

Courage is demolishing your carefully crafted life to make way for real change and laughing all the way.

Courage is knowing that life is a dream while compassionately engaging the dream.

Courage is knowing Conventional Mind has proof your Soul Path is wrong and continuing to follow it anyway.

Courage is encountering to the full intensity of life and releasing the distractions Mind uses to numb it.

Courage is knowing that the only master plan that works is opening to life and take the next step.

Courage is allowing the master plan of your life to unfold in Life's way.


  1. "Courage is demolishing your carefully crafted life to make way for real change and laughing all the way."

    Beauty lies in the demolition, I think, Tony. Each of your "Courage is..." statements ring true for me. It's so "easy" to do what I know to be safe...right up until it's hard to breathe because I feel so suffocated by what's "right" being completely wrong for me.

    Thank you so much for this post, my friend.