Wednesday, January 7, 2009


When most people design a home or apartment they reach for style books and magazines. A golden opportunity is missed. They could have listened to their deepest desires for living and explored how those longings could shape and be shaped by the specific site of the design. Instead, they employ design ideas that may have perfectly suited other people and times, but don't sync with their personal role in the play of existence. 

If you want to take a fresh approach to design and make your home a place that truly fits you and your place on earth try the following: 

If you're painting your walls, don't start with chips from the paint store. Take a walk and look at the colors of the leaves, flowers, tree bark, and soil you pass. Notice the color or combinations of colors that attract you. Take samples of these colors home and see how you might incorporate them into your living space. Then, go to the store and ask them to match the colors you discovered.

If you're looking for a new sofa, chair, bed or other piece of furniture go to a forest or beach. Find a place where it feels good to sit. What do you like about this place? What shapes attract you? What textures do you want to run your fingers across. What materials such as wood or stone make this place feel like home? Imagine combining the forms, textures and materials you see into a sofa, bed or other piece of furniture.

Take this approach and imagine other ways of incorporating the patterns of nature into the design of your home.

Like a bee following its attraction to flowers and carrying away pollen for making honey, follow your senses and desires to gather the forms, colors and textures  that can make your home a more creative and connected place.


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