Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Vision is exhilarating. The mind glows with possibilities. Heart expands through limits. Fingers reach to gather materials. Then comes  the moment of truth. Does the elusive power of imagination translate into concrete form?
It has countless times before, in grand and humble ways. Structures from the pyramids in Egypt to the Golden Gate Bridge were born from vision. So were tools from sewing needles to laptops. They sprung from the minds of people like us—individuals living in an uncertain world, looking into present circumstances and glimpsing something that might sparkle into the future.

So here we are, the power imagination has brought forth a leader who has holistic vision, a mind that connects possibilities to concrete patterns, a heart bigger that petty divisions, and hands guiding us toward the realization of our long held dreams. 

With his wisdom and street smarts, President Obama (I love saying that.) has made rebuilding the country's physical structure a way to revitalize the economy. The brilliance of this program is that it will do far more than put people to work. The process of translating vision into brick and mortar will allow us to see and touch the design of the nation's soul. Rebuilding America won't be an abstract concept depicted on a spreadsheet. It won't be measured by the "drill baby drill" mindset of consumption. The vision of CHANGE will become a physical place. It will become architecture we can walk through, take shelter under and look out of to envision the next steps in our collective journey. "Make hay while the sun shines," is the wisdom from our agricultural past. Maybe "make architecture while the vision shines" fits these times. Why not chant, "BUILD BABY BUILD." 

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