Friday, January 16, 2009


ECOfont is one of the most creative developments I've heard about in a long time. By putting holes in the alphabet, this font uses 20% less ink than standard fonts. This one brilliant innovation could save millions, maybe billions, of gallons of ink each year. It was developed by SPRANQ Creative Communications in the Netherlands. And you can download it for FREE at

I love this font because it creates more by using less. It communicates by incorporating silence. Through gaps it spawns substance. 

Spaciousness is an overlooked power in nature, imagination and architecture. From the womb of spaciousness, nature exploded the universe into being. Faced with gaps of understanding, the mind looks for and conjures the story lines that define personal and cultural identity. As the Tao te Ching explains, "We craft wood into the walls and roof of a house, but it is the space inside that makes it livable."

With one micro creation, ECOfont makes a step toward saving the world. WOW.  

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