Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Check out this recent book, Open Spaces Sacred Places by Tom Stoner and Carolyn Rapp. This inspiring volume tells the stories of "Firesouls" who brought communities together to create public places of peace and vitality. It grows from the work of the TKF Foundation in Annapolis, Maryland. Over the past 12 years, TKF has funded healing and mediation gardens in Baltimore's inner city neighborhoods. The book shows what others have done to establish sacred places in the heart of a chaotic and uncertain world. It shows how you might apply their insights and tenacity to making a sacred place in your neighborhood. 

I've been involved with these wise, generous and courageous people for a number of years. I was lucky enough to help create one of the places described in the book—a meditation garden in a prison in Cumberland, Maryland. Read the book to find out about this and the other amazing stories of using imagination to transform nature into havens of peace and delight. 

Find out about the book at www.openspacessacredplaces.org

Find out about the TKF Foundation at www.tkffdn.org

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