Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Being Conscious in a Body

BEING CONSCIOUS IN A BODY is what I appreciate today. Each morning we wake up to the miracle of inhabiting a physical vehicle for exploring the mystery of this world. As humanity celebrates NASA's Curiosity Rover exploring Mars, I celebrate the ability to rove Earth with curiosity. Being conscious that I exist and that I can explore that existence through thoughts, emotions and my five senses is a wonder that never ceases to amaze me. The seemingly simple act of opening my eyes and perceiving the light, shadow and colors of forms in motion is the result of processes far more complex than any mechanical device invented by the human mind. The ability to savor a sip of morning coffee and the songs of birds in the trees outside my window is a gift that inspires me to explore new possibilities of being conscious in the physical world. It calls me to see through the ignorance and obstacles that cloud much of what we do and find patterns that remind us of the tangible peace, harmony and delight that we can share when we appreciate the simplest of connections between us...Enjoy the gift of being conscious in your body and exploring what your rover is possible of perceiving and creating.

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