Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Architecture Reveals the Possibilities of Light

Architecture reveals the possibilities of light. Each form offers the sun's radiance a different nuance of reflection. Each material discloses a varied tone in the spectrum. The interplay of light and architecture describes our journey to discover the mysteries of spirit dwelling in matter.


  1. i can relate to your reflections as architecture creates different feeling states within me and pilgrimages to specific places often will bring a fertile flow of synchronicity. I've experienced how space can support dimensions of soul work and have used my felt sense of a place as a tool of discernment. I cannot recall however, a specific example of how architecture revealed some dimension of my soul. Perhaps I am reading this too literally. I would love to hear more about your personal experience with space revealing some dimension of your soul so I could be more aware of this possibility.

    1. Cyn, thanks for your comments. I'll respond to your question by first describing what soul is to me and then talking about my experience of architecture and the ways architecture can reveal dimensions of soul. For me, soul is the energy and wisdom that animates and guides the physical world. Architecture reveals the soul by reflecting the archetypal patterns of soul animating and guiding our lives. One example: the soul has an archetypal pattern of desiring something, searching for it and finding it. Architecture indicates this pattern with a portal, path and place of arrival. Steeples, skyscrapers and other rising designs reveal the aspirations of the soul. Rooms reveal the inward turn of the soul seeking inspiration, sanctuary and healing. This is also expressed in the details of these major patterns. A portal, for example, is bordered by twin pillars embodying the paradox of hope and fear the soul encounters when it is about to cross a threshold...There's much more, but this depicts the idea...I would love to hear if this relates to your experience or other thoughts you have.