Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Architecture Establishes Our Place in the World

Architecture establishes our place in the world. It marks where we stand between heaven and earth. Our dwellings orient us in the four directions of space and where we reside in the flow of time. Each building and room, each monument and plaza, offers us a place to say "I AM. I honor the opportunity to inhabit this world." Then architecture provides the stage to enact what each of us is here to do. It sends out the invitations. All we have to do is join the party.

Our place within the fluid ecology of the world is truly established when it honors and supports our interdependence with the whole, dynamic system of renewal. Honoring our place involves honoring the place of every being on the planet. When we inhabit a community, we are living within a society that includes much more than human beings. Everyone is already at the party, the more we learn and harmonize with each others songs the more revitalizing it will be.

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