Saturday, December 11, 2010

Living in Matter As Energy

The world
is not made
of isolated objects.

Pushing matter
into the right arrangement
will never make you happy,
healthy, wealthy and wise.
Adjusting your thoughts,
words, actions, relationships and surroundings
won't reveal the magic constellation
that solves all problems.

Analyze, strategize and implement
all you want.
There's always some flaw,
some unaccounted for defect,
some unexpected side effect.
Trying harder,
thinking smarter,
loving more,
never finds
that perfect pattern.

The world
is not a collection
of isolated objects.
It's a unified ocean
of energy waves
constantly moving.

Attempting to freeze
the roiling sea
is doomed to failure.

see yourself
and the world
as a fluid energy.

Ride the already moving waves
of this situation
into the next
and the next.

with the shifting forces
through the one body
of life.

Swim in the never final
always fresh ocean
of ever unfolding wonder
of living
in matter
as energy.


  1. Another good blogpost. We seem to always strive for that perfection point instead accepting what is before us before assuming it needs changing.

    As I mature in Spirit I am learning better how to go with the flow, pay attention to my feelings. Feeling the spirit of energy in life, going with the flow and observing direction help to lessen my anxiety and lowers my stress level.

    It took so long to come to the simplicity of simple truths.
    Thanks, Che Peta

  2. Amen. And much needed by me at the moment. Thank you.