Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Something Becomes Holy

Something becomes holy
by offering it to wholeness.

You offer it to wholeness
by burning it
in the fire
that does not separate
sacred from profane.

Each time you toss
a cherished object or belief
into the flames of life
your gesture weaves
your separate mind
into the memory
of its unified source.

What you offer to life
already belongs to life.

The more you prize
the objects you offer
the stronger the reawakening
of oneness.

Your most cherished object
is the illusion
you are separate.
Burning this illusion
does not diminish you.
It merely removes
false coverings and divisions.

In the rising flames
limitations become spirit
ashes become gems
all things become holy.


  1. An exquisite reminder to look again, and again and again until we have gone deep enough and can see the perfection in all things.
    Thank you for this beautiful poem, Tony.

  2. This really gave me pause, and calls me back to read and re-read. Not just to "read", but to feel it, breath it, experience it. I love it when a poem does that! Thanks, Tony.