Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Water Bottle

Finally, I found a water bottle that works.  I've been looking for months and it's amazing how difficult many designs make staying hydrated a chore. The designers of this little beauty by NATHAN: Human Propulsion Laboratories explored the process of drinking and detailed a bottle that perfectly addresses a basic of human need. The stainless steel body is lightweight, bump resistant and free of all those creepy toxins given off by plastic. The top is brilliant. The loop for carrying the bottle on your finger or your belt acts as a lever to rotate the "straw" back and forth between the closed down position and the vertical sipping position. It lets me get some water without putting my grubby finger all over the drinking spout. Sweet.

In case you're wondering, I'm not advertising this bottle or getting paid to write about it. I just appreciate good design and like to share it when I see it. Look for the simple, yet well designed objects you encounter today. Imagine the thought that went into their creation. It there some object or tool you have that doesn't work? Do you see a way to improve it? Redesign it. Share it with the world. Make something as simple and important as drinking water better somehow.

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