Thursday, February 19, 2009


Nature hides in plain sight. It takes quiet eyes to see the subtle designs for living made by plants and animals. It would be walk right by the rattlesnake in this photo without even knowing it was there. Nature doesn't always cooperate with our desire to live openly and freely. Instead, it survives and thrives through disguises. Elaborate costumes of pattern and color allow animals to hide from predators and to prey on other creatures. 

How does this play into designing in harmony with nature? Would it be to create camouflaged homes and cities that blended into their surroundings? How would you make a town look like a forest or rolling hills? Yet, just because birds' nests are hidden from human eyes doesn't mean birds don't see them they way be see houses on a hillside. Maybe human houses are invisible to the eyes of crows and hummingbirds? Maybe to rest of nature our dwellings already blend into the environment. Maybe it's somewhere in between—we clash with the design of nature too much and we blend with it more than we appreciate. 

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