Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Grow, Your Shell Must Break

This video leaves me in awe. Sensing the power within the fragile form pushing its way out of the shell is an encounter with mystery. All the wisdom schools and books of insight pale beside this living teaching of how life grows through itself. For the bird to become what it is, the tiny creature shatters the shell that originally nurtured its birth. This being has become too big for its existing framework. Despite all odds, the bird's soft body presses against the hard shell. Its spindly legs flex; its soon to be wings expand; its head and neck stretch. The life force is unstoppable. Pressing, pushing, twisting, doing whatever it takes to crack that damn shell to be free, to move toward flight.

Every one of the countless birds around the globe come into the world this way. Again and again, life bursts the safety of its shell to set out on a great adventure. Some birds fly thousands of miles on yearly migrations. They soar above mountains, across rivers and over cities. They stop in unknown fields, find food in unknown forests. Back and forth, high and low they move, weaving the global web of life again and again.

In this new year time, you have the opportunity of this little bird. You have the chance to shatter the shell that once nurtured you, find your legs again, stretch your wings and set out on a fresh journey of discovery. You can cooperate with the life force pressing from within you to burst the shell of your worn out beliefs, routines and structures of protection. You can reach beyond the limits of the old year and enter the unknown possibilities of the new. Enjoy your journey. I look forward to seeing you along the way.


  1. "To grow, the shell must break" :)) I simply could not love this more...

  2. This video illustrates perfectly the work and process we must go through to change. The period of being awkward, fragile, and vulnerable. Then, with time, we get stronger, more adept in our surroundings and grow wings. Thank you for the eloquent reminder. I needed that.

  3. Wow! That was awesome and beautiful. Had to see it all ~rooting and cheering it on~ get me really focused for a minute or so. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. My kids were poring at the computer screen over my shoulder as I looked at this entry and this video has totally captured their imagination.
    They ask me to play it again and again and again.
    I thought I must share this with you, Anthony.