Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Map of Awakening

• Mind, hoping to understand and survive the terrain of Life, maps the world.

• It divides the soupy oneness it finds in two: me/you, light/dark, body/soul.

• Mind expands its dual vision into a gird of beliefs. It gives everything a name and appropriate place.

• Mind perceives these categories and locations as solid and fixed.

• A catastrophic event such as illness, divorce or death dissolves the grid the mind used to map the world.

• The solid world now appears to be in constant flux.

• Mind attempts to understand the fluid world and re-maps it as an interconnected spiral.

• The fluid spiral world map becomes transparent to all encompassing spaciousness.

• Mind attempts to map spaciousness, but it's stillness and silence are undefinable.

• Mind continues to map the world not to define it, but to frame indescribable spaciousness.
• Mind delights in the mystery play of boundaries and boundless.

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  1. so beautifully observed and said. So much complexity very simply stated. Love this and am sharing it with others. Cracking Obstacles to Renewal landed with me too. Thank you!