Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cracking Obstacles to Renewal

It's time again,
to break the carefully built walls,
to peer into the familiar unknown.
It's that moment
to squeeze through the crack and fall
into the other side that is me.

This is how I came into this world.
It's how I passed from stage to stage,
breaking through,
exploring and savoring a new realm,
watching the vital land lose its glow,
settling into uncomfortable comfort,
sensing a tide of renewal,
resisting until it couldn't be resisted,
cracking the wall,
stepping through.

It's time again,
and now the momentum
of squeezing through previous cracks
moves toward a greater unknown
with greater strength to heed the call,
greater willingness to engage the trials of the road,
and greater trust to dwell in mystery.


  1. Beautiful, Tony. I also love your drawing.

  2. At the threshold of each renewal we have choices - to cross over or not? To cross willingly or kicking and screaming? To cross in ignorance, bringing our destructive patterns or with the consciousness and lessons learned during our repeated walks through the Medicine Wheel? Over the years I've found that ceremoniously honoring and working with a Medicine Wheel seems to help prepare me for each new beginning. I celebrate your latest rebirth of the one-and-only... You!