Sunday, July 11, 2010

There's a Life Waiting for You

There's a life waiting for you
just across the threshold of your fear,
just beyond what your mind can see.

This life is not about others liking you.
It's not a clever scheme to make you rich.
This life is the one true life
that's killing you not to live.

Of course it's scary to go there.
Your One True Life contains all
the power, wisdom and love
that Life wants to express through you.

You've been running from it,
but it's always out ahead of you.
Your One True Life won't go away.
It's what you are.

Of course the way gets harder
as you get closer.
There's more energy and knowledge at stake.
But, the only way to ready yourself for the task
is by doing the task.

The task is to put it all on the line.
No holding back,
no playing it safe,
no matter what others say.

The task is to live
the One True Life
that's waiting for you.


  1. Good one, Tony. From deep in the soul. Seems right to me. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful! Full of wisdom and insights.

  3. You know I LOVE this! Thank you for putting such important truth to words.


  4. Poetic and true, and the perfect nightcap on a delightful day.