Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy & The Primal Wound

The Occupy movement reveals the Primal Wound, the pattern of the gap that divides us. The chasm between greater and lesser wealth, power, privilege, education, healthcare and more is not just a statistic. It's a gnawing void that aches through the soul of society and every individual in it. The Primal Wound afflicts the 99% and the 1%. No one is immune from its sense of isolation and alienation, its emptiness, diminishment and fear.

Each of us has lost pieces of ourselves in the Primal Wound. We've all felt the sting of trading parts of our soul for money and security. Much of our daily lives are consumed with attempts to retrieve those stolen bits of ourselves and regain our natural wholeness. We've also been injured by the fear of deeper wounding and the resentment that others crash through our lives with little or no awareness of the damaging effects they are having.

Pepper spraying, beatings with batons and other violence perpetuated around the country is also an expression of the Primal Wound. These brutal acts are the equivalent of wounded and cornered animals lashing out to protect their territory. It erupts from the irrational fear that division and hierarchy actually benefit the 1% and those that protect their interests. They belief that living behind fearful walls of separation is better than living in the broader security of a vibrant, healthy society. This is self limiting ignorance and self sabotage disguised as glamor and distancing safety.

As Occupiers enter the public spaces of cities and town, they inhabit the voids in the psyche of society. This movement reveals the tenderness and soreness of the Primal Wound. The immediate reaction of some is to pull away. But, if the Primal Wound is not exposed to healing influences it will only fester. The infected areas will spread and consume the body of society. The healing elixir is consciousness and connection. It is the basis for mending the ignorance and disconnect that injures us.

What's your reaction to the relationship between the Primal Wound of the Occupy Movement? Please leave a comment.

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  1. Nice . Your words focus on process alot which is substantive however when moving from the metaphysical to the specific ie making choices that matter then the world can get murky and we all know even gurus disagree

  2. Yes, the world is complex and multilayered, made of both objects and processes. Focusing mainly on objects, it can seem stuck in fixed patterns of separation and hierarchy. Focusing on process can open the way to changing patterns of connection and equality. Is a forest mainly a object or a process? That's up to each of us to perceive as we will. Which one we focus on makes a big difference to ourselves and others.

  3. Thank for you for writing about this,
    I found your page trough Collective Self.
    I understand this now from a new angle, earlier it has been difficult to use words to descrive thoughts and reflections on something I don't really know what is. But it made own reflections clearer. I would love to read your book!

  4. Thank you Helene. Glad to hear this post provided new understanding. I will be writing about these ideas in the weeks to come. So please stop by and read more.

    You can order the book at the following link:

    Or, you can order the ebook at this link: