Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Great Tide Carries Us

The great tide carries us
through currents of ocean desires.
Ignoring this, we flail and squawk,
drawing lines on the sea,
crafting stories in air.

Measuring streets on water,
and identities in sky
we build fluid cities
pretending solid ground
is under foot.

One day, the depths stir.
A mountainous force rises.
Sinuous as a dream,
it eludes perception
until its gargantuan mass
glides through the surface.
An enormous eye
meets our tiny gaze
and we are shocked awake
by the vast consciousness
staring back at us.

Prepare for this moment.
Caress the elusive life force
mysteriously appearing
in the slight gaps
between things.
Live the vast destiny
beyond your small self,
the great tide carrying us.


  1. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you Anthony!

  2. Yes, "Live the vast destiny... the great tide is carrying us."

    Beautifully stated, Tony.