Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sculpting the Edges of Infinity

I love moments when an object cracks its boundaries and reveals a hyper-reality words cannot hope to describe. Such objects are rare and usually occupy honored places in museums. Yet, I take special delight in stumbling across powerful works of art in unexpected places. It happened the other day in Carmel when I passed the tree pictured above. I almost missed it, hidden in a passage off the main street. But the shape of the trunk and leaves against the gleaming stucco walls framing it were at once so real, surreal and unreal that it stopped me in my tracks. I have no idea who the gardener/artist is. I have no idea if he/she works consciously with this tree to sculpt the edges of infinity. However it happened, this alchemy of nature, imagination and design hovers between the familiar and the abstract, the known and the unknown. It cracks open the world to reveal a priceless gem to whomever has the eyes to notice.

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