Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crossing a Line in Air: The Emergence of Global Mind

Today, we celebrate crossing a line in air. This doesn't diminish the importance of marking the new year and new decade. It imbues it with creative magic. It reminds me that each gesture taken and each object shaped is made of formlessness playing hide-and-seek as form. Ten years ago, I might have described dwelling on Earth using the same words, but deep in my bones and deeper in my mind I only had a faint idea of what they meant.

The core change I've traveled in the last ten years is the passage from experiencing the world and myself as solid, measurable objects to experiencing them as spacious flowing consciousness. This shift happened abruptly before Y2K, but its taken this decade to integrate the mysterious, weird, delightful wisdom and humor of this reality into daily life.

When the solid ground beneath my feet dissolved, I was plunged into watery darkness. My studies of mythic journeys through the underworld hadn't prepared me for I encountered. My hands found nothing to grasp, my feet nowhere to stand. Worst of all, my mind, after a lifetime of spiritual practice and learning, couldn't make sense of what was happening. None of the old tricks I had used for navigating the solid world worked in this realm of bottomless, ever-shifting liquid.

It was either sink or swim, breakdown or breakthrough. To navigate this watery world I had to abandon my beliefs about right versus wrong, friend versus foe, spiritual versus material. Every idea that divided the world was useless in this ocean of unmoving currents and wordless wisdom. While everyone around me enacted their lives in the same old ways of self and other, spirit and matter, I moved about as a wave of energy wearing the disguise of a human being doing what a human being does to get by. Words had meaning while pointing beyond meaning. Faces had character while revealing what was beyond character. Places had design while framing what was beyond design.

It would take a decade to recount all the wise guides and miraculous synchronicities that nurtured and challenged the way to today. In essence, life shattered the illusion that I was a separate self and opened my mind to what lives beyond the personal viewpoint. It revealed that through me, you and the rest of us a new networked global mind is emerging. This global mind is transforming the old solid world of divisions through an information world into a consciousness world. The line in air that we are crossing is the threshold to the mind re-membering its original oneness as an "unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion." The implications of this are immeasurable and we will see them unfolding in the years to come.

As we make the cross-less crossing into the timeless New Year, the news reports describe the old divided mind that is savagely clinging to its delusions of isolation, control, dear, numbness and death. It's thrashing about, crying to be heard as it sinks into the waters of consciousness. It has forgotten its true identity as a wave in the ocean of energy and wisdom, rising and falling, emerging and submerging like all the other waves. Rather than despairing at this, I'm celebrating the dissolving of the old and the emergence of the new. This is Earth's natural way of rebirthing itself, including us. On the other hand, I'm thrilled by the tides of connection, communication and creation flowing in every direction. New insights about re-integrating life on Earth and ways of sharing them are shimmering every second. The currents of change are surging. SURF'S UP is the planetary call and billions are riding the waves of transformation. What appears through this watery mystery will be amazing to see. I'm glad we are swimming these waters together. Enjoy where life is taking "you" and "us" in the coming year.



  1. A beautiful post, Anthony. I would never claim that my decade was the same, but I think that what seems quite different on the outside for yourself, myself, and countless others was in fact, on the inside, somehow the Same. Maybe, on the inside, we are all the Same.

    My decade began, actually it was more like mid-1999, with an experience that left me acutely aware of just how hollow and fragile the underpinnings of my nascent, unfolding beliefs in Something More really were. This decade, for myself, was about transforming those beliefs from exciting, hopeful ideas into solid inner ground.

    I think many, many people have laid this GroundWork so that we might cross that line in the air together. I can see many little pools of knowing merging together as outer differences are dissolved by inner Sameness. Its an honor and joy to be a witness-participant. And also to share it with others like yourself.

  2. Dear soul friend,
    your journey into reality reminds me of my journey. As you already noted, my message is the message of Oneness, of consciousness creating phenomena in the realm of space and time. Here we find maya, the world of illusions, and there we find Life, the one and only reality, the transcendental realm, the cradle of every manifestation. In quantum physics this "place" is known as quantum vacuum, but I prefer the name "Cosmic Intelligence", non-personal but purposeful. It is non-local, non-separable, knows no time or space. Yes, Life is taking "us" ahead towards Omega. Lets enjoy! Happy 2010! Daldegan - Conscire

  3. Anthony,

    That was truly a beautiful expression of the "unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion."

    Your experiences of being changed, of being without form and substance in the midst of the unchanged world of form is a profound experience. I felt it again deeply as I read your account. We do have a lonely sense of being at times of shifting consciousness.

    Your writing flows so poetically, it is form imitating the experiences you describe.

    I just love that phrase - "Crossing a line in air."

    "I'm thrilled by the tides of connection, communication and creation flowing in every direction."

    Wonderful! Me too! And, I am so glad to follow you on Twitter!

  4. I'm honored by your comments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Each one of us is traveling an individual and collective journey. There's beauty and challenge on every trail. In the past, it was easy to believe "I am the only one going through this." Now, in the global mind networks we can know that moving from separateness to interconnection is a shared human experience. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to our continued dialogue and discoveries in the coming year.

  5. This is such a beautiful evocation of something I feel stirring inside myself - maybe i am where you were ten years ago, I don't know. Your words and description of your decade make me brave as I feel myself sinking into a formless ocean where, as you say, old norms and ways of understand the world dissolve into meaninglessness.
    Thank you.

  6. As each of us engages the depths of ourselves and life, we encounter the core of who we are. Yet, this core is unknowable to the usual way the mind perceives. Opening to the deeper wisdom of life and trusting its unexpected guidance seems to be essential in this journey. Each of us can be assured that we are not alone. Others have gone before us and others will follow. Through listening and receiving we are helping each other along the way.

  7. I like your positivity and spiritual angle. I hope you are right. I sense danger in the global community where mis-information is almost as prevalent as information and facts. Fact is, we may destroy the Earth, and Earth will recover in time. I am certainly doing my part to promote life affirming energy. Thank you for contributing the same!