Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charter for Compassion

Today, Karen Armstrong unveiled the Charter for Compassion, Go to the link and listen. Hearing the words was like hearing the voice of my soul speaking its longing for what is so simple yet so ignored. At the essence of all our endeavors is a point of view. Do we see ourselves as isolated and alone or interconnected wave in the ocean of being?The isolated viewpoint generates desperate acts intended to protect and defend islands of fear and numbness. The interconnected viewpoint invites engagement in the mystery currents of becoming. Ignoring entry into those mystery currents induces fear and violence. The tides of living are too strong for an isolated individual to resist. Compassion is the act of that mysterious essence within us touching that mysterious essence that appears to be around us. It is finding that our illusions of disconnection are hallucinations. It is finding that the one true thing we are not alone, that the countless diverse waves of personality, action, belief, institutions, and every other form are shimmering glints of light within one ocean of being. We overcome suffering and recall unity in the simplest of acts: opening a door for a stranger; smiling at a passerby; listening to a friend. We enter it also by courageously acting with compassion in the harsh arenas of business, politics, art, spirituality and every other system that tends to suppress love and wisdom. Appreciate the compassion you encounter today and respond in kind. This IS changing the world.


  1. Hej Tony,

    Never heard about this but I like the fact that something so simple can/is changing our world.
    Ever since I was a little girl I already been doing this. And the strangest thing is that people can really be taken by surprise. They simply don't expect a smile or a helping hand of a stranger. Just love to reach out.

    Hope you will stop by during the weekend because I will be showing an overview of Soul Food.

    Otherwise, have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yes, compassion is natural. It's what we really want behind the fear. It feels better too. Like soul food, its tasty and deeply nourishing. I will stop by during the weekend, Looking forward to the overview of Soul Food.


  3. Very beautiful thinking and writing. Thank you. Inspiring.