Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Primal Wound is the Womb of Renewal

The primal wound is seeing 1 as 2. It is believing I am separate from you, that we are separate from the world. Belief in separation aches. Aching spawns the search for healing. Striving to heal puts us in conflict with what is and often inflicts more wounding. The weird mystery is that without the wound of duality there is no me, no you, no world. 

Without wounding, the materials of the garden of the world—stone, clay, trees—are not transformed into building blocks, bricks and lumber. Without digging a foundation pit into the earth, a building cannot come into existence. Without these materials, healing places cannot be created. Nature's incomprehensible law is that for something to be born something must break apart. We mostly see the chasm left by the breaking as an empty hole. It is a hole, but it is not empty. It is filled with potential on the crest of being born. 

To resist wounding increases suffering. To celebrate it is insane. But, we can step back and observe the forces of dissolution reveal hidden forms and relationships ready to come forth. We step forward and facilitate nature's mysterious process of ongoing birth, death and renewal. We can take the horror and disappointment of the primal wound and participate in its miracle of being the womb of renewal.


  1. Where did you come across the Venn Diagram as the symbol for the primal wound? Is that your vision or an archetype of some sort?

  2. Thanks for your questions David. Long before it was called the Venn Diagram is was called the Vesica Piscis by ancient geometers. Since it is formed by dividing the wholeness of the single circle into, forming gap, I related my life experience to it as the Primal Wound. This idea came through me. Others may not agree, but that's how I see it.

  3. check this video out at 3:20 !!!!! I had recently watched this.